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Are Parents Ruining their Child’s Sports Experience?

Baton Rouge Soccer hosts “How to Beat the Sports Parent Trap” Seminar

News outlets are filled with stories and images of parents, fans and coaches lashing out at youth sports referees. On YouTube, these same videos generate millions of views. Thus, the question becomes, "Does the involvement of parents in today's highly structured and very competitive youth sports really benefit the young player?"

With nearly 5,000 youth players, and nearly double the number of involved parents, Baton Rouge Soccer deals with this question on a weekly basis. The issue is just as pronounced with BREC and the hundreds of youth sports leagues.

For this reason, Baton Rouge Soccer and BREC partnered to present the Parent Your Best seminar, and its author, Jeremy Boone, to Baton Rouge Monday, Sept. 26 at 6:30 p.m. at BREC's Independence Park Theatre, 7800 Independence Blvd.

In this free presentation Boone will address the following issues:
• Is the ride home after a game a "War Zone of Communication?"
• Do you find yourself being more of a coach than a parent for your child?
• Does your child feel that you put more pressure on them than the game does?
• Have you even been told by your child that you embarrassed him/her during their game?

Gary Buete, executive director of Baton Rouge Soccer, says the organization designed the seminar to help parents understand how their "sports parent style" impacts their child.

"We understand that every parent wants their child to succeed in all of the activities the child participates. But, we also see examples every day in which a parent crosses the line between encouragement and inserts themselves in to the game either verbally or physically," Buete explained.

"We see hosting this seminar as a responsibility," he added. "Our goal is to try and give the adult parents in Baton Rouge Soccer the skills they can use to further their child's development as a young athlete, not turn the child off from sports."

Jeremy Boone is an international performance coach, speaker and author. Since 1996 he has worked with athletes, teams, coaches and parents in over five countries at every level of play. He has also served as the off-season speed and conditioning coach for the NFL Carolina Panthers for six years and has worked with soccer teams in the U.S., Brazil, England, Canada and France.


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