Summer Camps

BREC Trek LA - Activity Tracker Challenge

Join us on an adventure as we trek across Louisiana by tracking our steps at camp each week. We will convert our steps to miles and see how many exciting cities we can “travel” to over the next 5 weeks (sessions 3-7). See if you can hike to the end of the expedition and make it all around the Pelican State!

Weekly prizes will be awarded to the camp with the highest total steps for the week. The camp that travels the most miles around the state will receive the grand prize the last week of camp!


Check back each week to which camps are in the lead! The list of locations and their current status is below. Feel free to ask your camp director about the challenge when visiting your camp site.

We will also be posting photos and the steps & mile counts for winners each week!

Final Tallies!

CampTotal Steps Total Miles
Alsen Park 2,437,050 1,153.91
Anna T. Jordan Community Park (4-5) 214,826 101.72
Anna T. Jordan Community Park (6-12) 239,156 113.24
Antioch Park 1,938,044 917.63
Baker Park 4,853,792 2,298.20
Cedar Ridge Park 2,133,851 1,010.35
Exxon Mobile/YMCA at Howell Place 461,699 218.61
Flanacher Road Park 2,189,226 1,036.57
Gus Young Park 126,232 59.77
Highland Road Community Park 840,884 398.15
Independence Community Park 1,158,921 548.73
Jackson Community Park 2,339,091 1,107.52
Longfellow Park 1,588,225 752
Milton J. Womack Park (4-5) 1,046,646 495.57
North Sherwood Forest Community Park 380,640 180.23
Palomino Park 68,982 32.66
Perkins Road Community Park 675,064 319.63
Plank Road Park 805,104 381.2
Saia Park 294,303 139.35
Sports Camp - Kathy Drive Park 719,832 340.83
Sports Camp - Sports Academy 657,466 311.3
Zachary Community Park (4-5) 2,618,643 1,239.89


Week 1

Longfellow Park
Steps: 1,225,607
Miles: 580.31

Week 2

Jackson Community Park
Steps: 1,187,611
Miles: 562.32

Week 3

Jackson Community Park
Steps: 813,854
Miles: 385

Week 4

Baker Park
Steps: 1,718,089
Miles: 813

Week 5

Baker Park
Steps: 1,109,699
Miles: 525

Activity Tracker Process

We are using the BREC wristband activity trackers for a friendly competition between camps for Sessions 3 through 7 (June 17-July 19). All campers and staff are encouraged to join in the fun.

  • 1. Monday Morning Activity
  • a. Set up tracker with camp
  • b. Explain challenge and rules
  • c. Decorate tracker box
  • 2. Wear tracker during camp hours
  • 3. Turn trackers in at sign-out
  • a. Camp staff records steps for camper next to parent signature on sign-out sheet
  • b. Camper retrieves their tracker box from the holding bin
  • c. Camper places tracker in the box and returns to staff before leaving
  • 4. Camper pick up tracker at sign in the next morning
  • 5. Camper resets tracker (hold MODE for 3 seconds)
  • 6. At end of week, camp director adds all of the steps for camp
  • 7. Camp director texts camp name and total steps to program coordinator
  • 8. BREC Admin will convert to miles and update map
  • 9. BREC Admin provides updates on standings, sends picture of map, and declares a weekly winner each Monday for the previous session.
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