Reimagine Greenwood

Reimagined Greenwood Regional Park and New State of the Art Zoo Public Meetings

In order to gain public input on the proposal to create the first of its kind regional park at Greenwood and to find a more sustainable location for the Baton Rouge Zoo, BREC held a total of 7 community meetings.
During each meeting, members of the East Baton Rouge Parish community were provided the chance to give input, vote on design features, hear a presentation, participate in a questions and answer session, and voice public comments. The first portion of the meeting consisted of a display of potential concepts and amenities at Greenwood Park (found in Reimaginging Greenwood survey). Following the voting session, potential opportunities for Greenwood Park and studies concerning the Baton Rouge Zoo were presented.
The meeting schedule was as follows:

View the presentation given at the public meetings (PDF, not video)

Questions & Answers

For a transcript of the questions asked by the public and answers provided by BREC during the community meetings, visit the Greenwood/Zoo Q & A page.

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