Reimagine Greenwood
Greenwood Regional Concept

Our Vision: A Re-Imagined Greenwood Park

Greenwood Park is poised to become BREC’s first regional park, greatly adding to the quality of life for those living in north Baton Rouge.

The Greenwood Regional Park would feature such recreational amenities requested by neighboring residents in a survey conducted in 2015 by Percy & Company, including: the region’s largest adventure playground, a Liberty Lagoon type water park, expanded picnic areas and pavilions, basketball courts, fishing areas and more exercise trails.
Additionally, the development of a tournament soccer complex would draw teams from throughout the region and neighboring states; tournaments like these bring in out-of-town guests, who eat in restaurants near their surrounding facility, stay in nearby hotels and shop for supplies in surrounding stores during what typically becomes a multi-day destination trip.
Destination sports venues and tournaments like these create significant economic impact for the surrounding area, such as the 2014 and 2015 Region II Championship tournaments, which brought visitors from across the southeastern U.S. and generated an estimated $25 million in economic impact; this same type of impact can be generated with a re-imagined Greenwood Regional Park, which is uniquely positioned to serve as a destination venue for these and other types of sporting events.

Economic Impact of Greenwood Regional Park*

Impact MetricsEstimated Impact*
Job Creation227 Jobs
34 full-time and 193 part-time and/or seasonal positions
Water Park ImpactAvg. Attendance: 73,603
Avg. Revenue: $790,521
Avg. Expsenses: $680,659
Soccer ImpactAvg. Attedance: 17,000
Based on 2016 Burbank Soccer Complex data
Construction CostsPhase I: $4.5 million
Phase II: $3.0 million
Phase III: $30.0 million
Maintenance Cost$900,000

*These are initial internal estimates determined by BREC. Additional professional analysis is needed to accurately confirm these numbers and other important data such as projected visitation for the entire park, potential economic development and total tax subsidy.

Re-imaginging Greenwood Park is part of the plan to revitalize BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo. To learn more about the zoo project, visit the Zoo Vision Page.

What could Greenwood become?

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Community Input

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