The BREC Logo 
The BREC logo is available in several versions online in JPEG or GIF format. Simply click on the link below, and when the logo appears on your screen, right click on it and hit "Save Picture As." This will allow you to save the logo right to your desktop.  You can download the logo in your format of choice below or contact the BREC graphic designers at or to have the logo emailed to you in other formats such as TIFF, EPS or the native Photoshop file. It can also be sized for you at any resolution-300 dpi is the preferred resolution for printing and 72 dpi is the standard dpi for web applications. 
Style requirements 
The BREC green is Pantone 7496 and when using spot color, please inform the vendor of this color. When using the color combination of green and tan, the tan color is Pantone 7510.

The BREC logo should always be surrounded by an area that is clear of other wordings, trademarks or graphics. The focus should be on the logo and not distracted by or confused with other identifiers.  The exclusion area is defined as the minimum distance on all sides from the edge of the logo and other wording. If a square were to be placed flatly over the diamond shaped logo, no parts of the logo would be sticking out.

The BREC logo must be clear and legible, however, size can vary according to project and space available. However, the important thing to remember is that the resolution of the logo needs to correspond with the size.  A 2" X 2" logo at 72 dpi may not be blown up to 10" X 10' because it will appear fuzzy and pixelated. Please request a resolution adjusted logo from the BREC graphic designer.

In addition, the logo must never be rotated, stretched or flipped backwards or upside down; however, it can be screened in the background as a secondary design element such as a watermark.  Still, the primary logo must appear somewhere on the medium at 100% of its color.

Download the logo
Single green
Horizontal green
Vertical green
Single black
Horizontal black
Vertical black 

A full version of the BREC Style guide is available here.  

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