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Baton Rouge Gallery Artist Members Create Mural for Battered Women's Shelter

Artists Mary Claire Delony, Miriam Clifton and Diane Hanson in front of mural.

Baton Rouge Gallery, a BREC facility, takes great pride in the community it serves and recently several of the gallery's artist members have undertaken major projects to improve the quality of life for Baton Rouge residents by bringing their art to those who may need it most.


Mary Claire Delony and Diane Hanson, artist members of the gallery since 2009 and 2008, respectively, collaborated with Miriam Clifton, a local arts instructor for more than two decades, to paint a beautiful mural inside the Capital Area Family Violence Intervention Center (CAFVIC). The mural was completed over several weekends with supplies donated by Baton Rouge Gallery Board Member Trudy Smith. According to Delony, who spearheaded the project, the mural is now an important part of the building.


"The mural is in the main hallway of the shelter, the hallway the women walk down their first time entering their safe house," said Delony. "Getting it together was awesome because we met up, threw around ideas and came up with a general theme or special idea to go for and then treated the mural in a more organic way, letting it evolve as we worked rather than drawing out specific ideas."


The mural depicts a peaceful landscape with a serene pond, a stream, brightly colored flowers and trees, all being visited by ducks, swans, egrets and turtles.


Fellow artist member Diane Hanson added: "Seeing the mural take shape from this stark cold hallway to a lush, green garden was very rewarding. Hearing and seeing the children's reactions and questions to the painting was heartwarming! In the end, I hope the mural brings some unexpected joy to those who see it."


Director of Direct Services for the CAFVIC Victoria Peay, LCSW, said of the mural: "The mural provided by Mary Claire and company has been a wonderful addition to the halls of the Zonta House Shelter.  The 'Pathway to Peace' is reflected in the artwork and features flowers, a pond with ducks, other birds and turtles in the mural.  The children are often seen counting the animals and looking for hidden surprises.  The staff has used it to distract little ones who are upset or need a way to pass time while mom is in a meeting with her advocate.  Making a game of finding the animals or counting helps our little ones in numerous ways." 


She added, "We are so very grateful for the loving effort and the talent shared with us to create this mural.  Our walks down the hall are brightened by the scene."

Baton Rouge Gallery, a BREC facility, is supported in part by funds from the Louisiana State Arts Council and the Louisiana Division of the Arts, the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge (through the Decentralized Arts Funding Program) and a grant from the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge through the National Endowment for the Arts and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Gallery also receives support from the Community Fund for the Arts, WRKF, its Community Members and the late Paula Manship.

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