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BREC Supports and Enforces the Louisiana Youth Concussion Act

If there is Doubt, Sit Them Out

As a youth athletics sponsor, BREC readily supports the Louisiana Youth Concussion Law and enforces it in all its youth sports leagues to ensure the safety of its athletes.

In accordance with the new law, BREC requires coaches to complete a concussion recognition course every sports season that teaches concussion symptoms and dangers. All BREC youth sport coaches must complete the online course to participate in league play.

BREC provides relevant informational pieces to coaches, parents and players about the risks of concussions. Additionally, youth athletes and guardians must sign a head injury information sheet to ensure understanding and cooperation.

A concussion is a serious brain injury that can occur in any sport. Concussions require immediate medical attention and serious concern. Steps can be taken to prevent head injury through prevention and preparation. For more information about the Louisiana Youth Concussion Law, visit

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