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Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - Contact: 225-273-6439

BREC to Serve and Sell Alcohol at Select Facilities

After months of inspections, public notice and staff trainings, citizens are finally able to receive immediate approval to serve and sell alcohol during special events and facility rentals at select BREC facilities. A new ordinance has eliminated the lengthy process which used to require BREC to seek approval from the BREC Commission, Metro Council and East Baton Rouge Office of Alcohol Beverage Control for each individual event. This means that anyone who wants to rent one of the designated facilities for company picnics, wedding receptions, family reunions, adult tournaments or festivals will be able to serve alcohol at their event without having to wait for months for approval. This new ordinance does not change BREC’s prohibition of consumption of alcohol in its parks when not associated with an alcohol-approved special event or facility rental.

“We have spent the better part of a year working on a very clear, well-thought out plan to help us better serve the residents of East Baton Rouge Parish,” said BREC Superintendent Carolyn McKnight. “We have created individual alcohol management procedures for each affected BREC site to take into account the type of events they will hold, the layout of each facility and the type of security that will be required. We have conducted trainings to ensure staff members who will oversee these events understand the responsibility we have to ensure that all laws are followed and that the safety of our patrons remains our top priority,” said McKnight.

The following sites are designated as sites allowing conditional service and consumption of alcoholic beverages:

Golf Course Sites
•    Beaver Creek  (daily)
•    Dumas Memorial (daily)
•    Historic City Park (events/tournaments)
•    Howell Park (events/tournaments)
•    Santa Maria (daily)
•    Webb Memorial (events/tournaments)

Facility Rental Sites
•    Baton Rouge Gallery
•    Baton Rouge Zoo
•    Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center
•    Cohn Arboretum
•    Independence Park Garden Center
•    Independence Park Theatre
•    Jefferson Highway Recreation Center
•    Magnolia Mound Plantation
•    Milton J. Womack Recreation Center Ball Room
•    The Waterfront at Greenwood Community Park

Sporting Event and Tournament Sites (Adult Sporting Events Only)
•    Burbank Soccer Complex
•    Central Community Sports Park
•    City Park Tennis Center
•    Forest Park Tennis Center
•    Goldsby Field
•    Greenwood Park Tennis Center
•    Highland Road Park Tennis Center
•    Independence Park Tennis Center
•    Memorial Sports Complex
•    Oak Villa Softball Complex
•    Olympia Stadium

Festival and Fair Sites
•    Airline Highway Fairgrounds
•    Zachary Community Park

Due to the nature of the activities and the age of patrons associated with some BREC facilities, no alcoholic beverages will be allowed or alcohol permit requests approved for these Special
•    J.S. Clark Park Golf Course (home of The First Tee junior golf program)
•    Liberty Lagoon and all swimming pools
•    Perkins Road Community Park Extreme Sports Complex

Golf courses with restaurant facilities will be allowed to serve alcohol during the times permitted by the ordinance. Dumas and Beaver Creek Golf Courses will join Santa Maria Golf Course in the selling of beer daily starting Friday, September 20. All other designated BREC facilities will only allow alcohol to be served or sold during alcohol-approved special events, facility rentals or adult tournaments.

Visit and search for the page regarding rentals and frequently asked questions regarding this new ordinance and the rental of BREC facilities.

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